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This is just a collection of some Indian vegetarian recipes that I've been trying out and info I've been researching into in my ongoing and never-ending quest for a better balance at life, while dealing with Type II diabetes in my family. Things don't always work out, but hey, that's life, and we can only strive to make it better. Every small victory makes it that much easier. We take each day as it comes.

Herb Mania: Fenugreek -- Methi Rice

Redchillies is hosting the Herb Mania: Fenugreek Event for this month. Fenugreek is an ingredient that is very common in my kitchen. We love the flavor of it. It is also believed to be a helpful herb for diabetics, more especially the seeds. A lot of people traditionally believe that methi seeds cures diabetes, but I take that with a pinch of salt. I believe there is no single element within the seed or herb that singles out and 'cures' diabetes, but its fiber-rich nature definitely helps slow glucose release into the blood.

I use methi seeds in most of my dosa preparations. I especially sprout them. The seeds take three days or so to sprout. I wash them and store them in a container in the refrigerator where they continue to grow and are ready at hand whenever I need them.

My particularly favorite dish using fenugreek leaves is the methi rice. The only ingredient used for the rice dish besides the rice and the tempering of mustard seeds and curry leaves, is the fenugreek leaves alone. So it is a really quick dish to make on days when other things take priority over the kitchen.

I'd already posted this some months ago on my blog. In this version, I had made the modification of adding sprouts to the dish. This is optional. At the time, I had just bought a sproutmaker and retried this recipe with all the enthusiasm of a newly-born sprouter. But the recipe is even greater when made plain with only fenugreek leaves; just omit adding the sprouts. Try both versions and I'm sure you'll love the taste too.

Click here for the recipe.

Updated September 16, 2008:
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easycrafts said...

Methi rice is my fav among mixed rice varieties...nice one

Deepika said...

Thanks EC. I love it too.